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In the Monkey Bay region where Educaring Africa and Malawi Volunteer Organisation operates, there are several primary schools that each cater for well over 1000 students. Primary education consists of eight standards and while it is free for students, many schools are poorly resourced and lack key infrastructure. It's not uncommon to go to a local Malawian school and see many classes being held under a tree outside because of a lack of classroom space. Many children are also unable to afford uniforms, books and stationary. 

Since establishing, Educaring Africa has sought to help local schools in a number of ways by providing additional resources to help improve learning standards. In 2013, the organisation funded more than 40 new blackboards across nine schools. In 2017, it helped facilitate its first sister schools program, which consisted of a pen pal initiative and sponsorship program between the schools in Australia and Malawi. Educaring Africa hopes to facilitate similar activities in the future to help boost standards at the primary level. 

Our development partners Malawi Volunteer Organisation support a number of nursery schools facilities in the local area. These pre-schools provide little ones, many of whom are orphaned a result of diseases suchs as HIV/AIDS, with a safe environment to learn, be cared for and fed porridge. Through its volunteer program, MVO funds teacher wages, resources and food for the daily operations of these facilities. However, there are many MVO is unable to support, as well as other villages that are devoid of a nursery school for their children. 

Without funds, many of these nursery schools are unable to remain open. Educaring Africa has previously helped fund vital resources for some nursery schools such as bowls, spoons, food and cooking equipment. In 2015, Educaring Africa teamed up with Latrobe University's podiatry collective to provide one nursery with new shoes. However, there are many more that require your support. Please consider donating today in order to allow these important facilities to remain open. At present, there are also a number of villages that require new nursery schools. You can also head to our PROJECT PROPOSALS for more information. 

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