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The Tim Russell Community Medical Clinic

Photo June 2018

The Tim Russell Community Medical Clinic is an initiative of Educaring Africa and our development partners the Malawi Volunteer Organisation (MVO). The project began in 2016 and is in the final stages of construction. The clinic is based in Chizula Village, Monkey Bay and will service around 15 local villages, none of whom currently have easy access to local medical services. The Monkey Bay Government Hospital, which is located some 10km away from Chizula, is the closest major medical facility in the region.


In filling a vital gap in services, the clinic will provide affordable healthcare and pharmaceuticals to the community, with some essential services to be provided for free. Through a close working relationship with the local government hospital in Monkey Bay, the clinic will be serviced by rotating clinicians and nurses, while medical volunteers and students will also play a role in servicing the community through MVO's existing medical outreach initiatives. Due to the impacts of COVID-19, Educaring Africa and MVO are aiming for the clinic to be open and operational in 2021 as it continues to raise funds to complete the project.


Please consider contributing towards our efforts by DONATING. Zikomo Kwambiri! (Thank you very much!)

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