Water project brings clean and reliable water to our clinic in Malawi

July 15, 2023

We are thrilled to share exciting news about the upcoming implementation of a government water project in the Mangochi/Monkey Bay region of Malawi.

This multi-billion-kwacha initiative, led by the SouthernRegion Water Board (SRWB), aims to provide clean and potable water to approximately 93,000 people upon completion. Our clinic, located in Mangochi district, will soon have access to potable water, thanks to this significant development.

The project, financed by the Kuwait Fund for Arab EconomicDevelopment (KFAED), will save Educaring Africa approximately AUD$50K that was originally allocated for borehole, pumping, and storage works. With the completion of this project expected in 2024, we eagerly anticipate the positive impact it will have on our clinic and the surrounding community. 

Addressing water needs in Mangochi District

The initiative to extend water supply in the Mangochi district arose from the Malawian Government's commitment to meet the growing demand for reliable and safe water. Rapid settlement growth in areas surrounding Mangochi, particularly those along the shore of Lake Malawi, emphasised the urgent need for a more sustainable water supply.

In recognising this need, the government secured financial resources amounting to US$14.4m from the KFAED to implement the water project.The project's scope includes the areas from Mpondasi to Mtakataka Turn-Off, encompassing Namiasi, Maldeco, and Makawa market centres.

Nkhudzi Hill: enabling reliable water supply

During feasibility studies, the utility service provider identified Nkhudzi Hill as the ideal location for overhead water tanks. These tanks will facilitate the gravity flow of clean and potable water to a significant number of people who currently rely on salty water from unprotected sources. The main pipeline from Nkhudzi Hill will run alongside the main road to Monkey Bay, situated just metres away from our clinic. This development will ensure that our clinic and the surrounding community have access to clean water directly in front of the clinic premises.

The water pipe is located alongside the main road just metres from our clinic.

Positive impact on our clinic

The implementation of the water project brings promising benefits to our clinic. With the provision of clean and reliable water, we can enhance the quality of healthcare services we offer to the community. The availability of potable water on-site eliminates the need for additional expenses associated with borehole drilling, pumping, and storage infrastructure. The financial savings of approximately AUD$50K mean we can confidently anticipate opening the clinic to the community in 2024.

Looking towards the future

As the water project progresses, we eagerly anticipate its completion in 2024. This transformative initiative aligns with our mission to provide comprehensive healthcare services and positively impact the lives of individuals in Chizula and surrounding villages in Monkey Bay.