Making strides: Marathon for Malawi fundraiser success

May 4, 2023

We are thrilled to share the success of our recent Marathonfor Malawi fundraiser, held as part of the Great Ocean Road Running Festival.

Four determined individuals took on the challenge, eachmaking a significant impact in support of Educaring Africa's medical clinic inMalawi. With three participants completing the half marathon and one completingthe full 44km marathon, their resilience and dedication shone through despitetough and windy conditions.

Thanks to the collective efforts of these four mates and thegenerosity of our donors, we raised over $14K, enabling us to progress theconstruction of the clinic by completing the ceiling.


Four mates, one goal


The Marathon for Malawi fundraiser brought together fourfriends with a shared purpose. Sean Car, Jo Phillipos, Dan East, and NickHulston demonstrated their commitment to making a difference by participatingin the event. Three of them conquered the half marathon, while Nick took on theformidable challenge of completing the full 44km marathon. Their determinationand unwavering spirit exemplify the power of collective action.


A remarkable fundraising effort


Despite facing tough and windy conditions during the event,all four mates successfully crossed the finish line, unscathed and with a senseof accomplishment. Their personal achievements were magnified by the incrediblesupport of donors who rallied behind their cause. Together, their effortsresulted in raising more than $14K, a testament to the generosity andcompassion of the community.


Progressing the medical clinic


The funds raised through the Marathon for Malawi campaignhave been allocated to a significant milestone in the construction of EducaringAfrica's medical clinic in Malawi. With the completion of the ceiling nowwithin reach, we move one step closer to providing essential healthcareservices to the community. This progress would not have been possible withoutthe incredible dedication of the four mates and the support of every donor whocontributed to this vital cause.


A call to continue supporting


While we celebrate the success achieved so far, our missionis far from complete. The construction of the medical clinic in Malawi requiresongoing support to fulfill its vision. We invite all donors, supporters, andindividuals passionate about making a lasting impact to continue their generouscontributions. Together, we can ensure the completion of the clinic, providingaccess to quality healthcare for those in need.